The Group Health plan

Traveling itself is nice and if it is a trip with friends or a large group of people, which adds more fun to it. But, you need travel insurance for that too. Instead of making sure each member individually, can make use of a group insurance. Group insurance is the type of insurance that covers the entire group you are in. So, if you opt for group travel insurance, you can be sure that everyone in the group is secured and is safe from any kind setbacks if it happens to anyone in the journey.

The Group Health plan will most likely reimburse some of the emergency services, although your employee will have to pay up front with a credit card in the vast majority of cases. Most hospitals or medical facilities will not accept U.S. health insurance or Medicare (most will demand either a credit card or proof of international health insurance). If the employee does not have a domestic health insurance plan in place, the workers compensation coverage may provide limited reimbursement after the employee returns to the U.S. But again they will have to pay up front. Both coverages provide alarmingly low levels of coverage while in a foreign land.

If your employee has a sudden illness or accident and is not sure if it is considered and “emergency,” who do they call. If at night, or in the weekend, good luck trying to contact your health insurance company. Also, how do you know where an appropriate medical facility it, and how will you communicate your concerns to the doctor or staff if you don’t speak the local language?

If the accident or illness is life threatening, will the Group plan pay for an Emergency Medical Evacuation flight to the nearest facility to properly treat your condition, which in some cases will be in a different country? No they won’t. An emergency medical evac can cost upward of $100,000, more if a nurse or medical professional must accompany you on the flight. You don’t want a claim like that denied by your insurance company!! Nearly half of all medical evacuations back to the U.S. are the result of a car or taxi crash, so, wear those seat belts and be careful driving.

International Health Insurance offers coverage for many of your concerns, including:

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation, also to fly home if necessary.
  • Smart Phone and Online applications, allowing you to search qualified physicians and hospitals in your area, along with viewable doctor profiles.
  • 24/7 365 multilingual helpline.
  • Freedom to choose doctors and hospitals of your choice.
  • Direct Settlement to Preferred doctors and Hospitals. You just show your ID card.
  • ID Card which admittance to most medical facilities worldwide. Some countries don’t have to admit you in the event of an emergency. Most will either demand cash or an international health insurance ID card.
  • General health care, flu, fever, food poisoning, sprained ankle, hurt back, prescription drugs etc.

These are just a few examples to be aware of when traveling abroad. Most likely you will be just fine, but, if something serious does happen to you or a family member, you’ll be prepared, or at least covered.