About Marty Gibbons, travel photographer

World traveler, Marty Gibbons, shares with us photos from his many adventures.

Marty standing on the far western end of the Great Wall of Chida at Gade Gate, near Dunhuang, China.

Great Buddha statue at Thousand BUddha Caves, Lanzhou, China

Michaelangelo statue in Milan, gazing at La Scala Opera House


Marty Gibbons, travel photographer, Switzerland

Mont Blanc above Chamonix, France 

Castle Chillon, Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Lord Byron's signature in dungeon of Castle CHillon, Switzerland

Chess Park, Geneva, Switzerland



Marty Gibbons, travel photographer, in Africa

Seal Island, Cape Town

Seal Island, Cape Town

Victoria Falls ("The Smoke That Roars")

Zambezi River, Zimbabwe-Zambia border

Botswanna near Deception Valley Lodge

Scout during the Kalahari Bushman Walk, Botswana

Lioness with cubs, Savute Elephant Camp, Chobe, Bostwana

China Don'ts

BEIJING - Don't ask a tourist's age or wage, steer clear of sex and avoid religion: what many Chinese consider idle chit-chat has now become the latest area of censure in Beijing as it prepares for an influx of Olympic visitors.

Posters displayed on bulletin boards in the neighborhood which includes tourist magnet the Forbidden City, and which will host Olympics boxing events, counsel locals against a wide range of potentially awkward conversation topics with foreigners.

The list of "eight don't asks" was issued by the Dongcheng district Propaganda Department as a guide for locals about how to show proper hospitality, a department spokesman said.

"Don't ask about income or expenses, don't ask about age, don't ask about love life or marriage, don't ask about health, don't ask about someone's home or address, don't ask about personal experience, don't ask about religious beliefs or political views, don't ask what someone does," the Olympics logo stamped poster advises.

Several etiquette guidelines have already been issued in the run-up to the Games, as China prepares to put its best foot forward with a faultless event.

Where To Get Your Train Tickets

1) RAILEUROPE (formerly Europass) offers travel to single or multiple countries. raileurope.com

2) RAILTEAM offers corporate rates to Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria via high speed network. railteam.eu/en

3) JAPAN RAILWAYS GROUP runs Japan's Shinkansen or "bullet train" at least six times per hour between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka stations. japanrail.com

The 10 Tips You Must Know

1. Act fast. Many airlines are reducing their fleets or changes their policies. If you see a good price, it's where you want to go, a price you can afford, then don't wait around.

2. Rethink your destination. If you've got to get away but prices are hindering you, think about changing your destination. Airfares to New York are up about 23% this summer from last summer, versus a 7% rise on airfares to Seattle, according to Travelocity, based on booking data. Airfares to Rome are up 19%, while airfares to Cancun are up 2%. Airfares to the Bahamas are up 14% while those to the U.S. Virgin Islands are down almost 3%, according to Travelocity.

3. Plan ahead. Some industry watchers see prices rising higher, others aren't so sure. Still, planning ahead is often a better strategy than waiting. "Half of us know where we want to be for Thanksgiving...yet most of us wait. If you know right now, book now," said Rudy Maxa, host of the travel show "Rudy Maxa's World" on PBS.